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SFP+ XGS-PON Transceivers Release

Chengdu Superxon Communication Technology Co., Ltd. released XGS-PON series optical transceiver, including SFP+ XGS-PON OLT and XGS COMB PON OLT. These products fully comply with the ITU G.9807.1/987.2/984.2 protocol, SFP+ package, Low power consumption, support I/C temp, apply in different Class such as N1/N2/E1. SFP+ XGS-PON OLT series products have been certified successfully by major communication equipment company all over the world such as Nokia/ZTE/CALIX/Fiberhome, and have been in mass production sent to China, Europe and North America.

 1. Products Introduction: 

    1.1.  XGS-PON OLT:

      Single fiber bi-directional data links TX 9.95Gbps, Burst Mode RX 9.95G/2.488Gbps application

      SFP+ package

      High power 1577nm EML LD

      High sensitivity 1270nm APD

      Low power consumption design

      Supports ODN Class N1, N2, E1

    1.2.  XGS COMB PON OLT :

      Single fiber four-directional data links TX 9.95Gbps/2.488Gbps, Burst Mode RX 9.95Gbps/2.488Gbps/1.244Gbps application, complies with XGS-PON, XGPON, GPON networks

      High power 1577nm EML LD and 1490nm DFB LD

      High sensitivity 1270 APD and 1310nm APD

      SFP+ package

      Low power consumption design

      Supports ODN Class B+, C+


2. SFP+ XGS-PON/XGS COMB PON OLT Product Catalog:


For the latest datasheet, Sample and custom design service, please kindly contact us.


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